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Learning piano is a great experience for students of any age, whether it offers an introduction into the world of music for younger students or brings back fond memories of a bygone era for older students.

It is a beautiful instrument to play and one that takes dedication and commitment to master.

Nonetheless, almost everyone can learn the piano to a standard that will impress and well as give you the freedom to play what you wish on the piano. While grades are great to ensure that a student engages with the less fashionable elements of learning the piano (scales, arpeggios, theory), as well as offering the opportunity to gain vital UCAS points for those students looking to go to university, they are certainly not compulsory here at Piano Lessons Coventry.

Indeed, many of my students simply learn to play the piano for the pleasure of playing the music that they are inspired about. Playing the piano can also help to improve personal characteristics, like self-confidence, discipline, and understanding of the dedication needed to succeed in life.

“I've been having piano lessons for around 1 year now, from the 1st lesson to the most recent, every one has been very enjoyable. Brian is very friendly and professional during our lessons. I feel my skills have greatly improved during our time together and look forward to continuing over future lessons.”
– William Jenkins

Piano playing can also be a social occasion, not only as students often take part in their school music performances where they can play to friends and family, but also because piano by its very nature is a social instrument - where people gather around it to sing or listen. Learning the piano promotes a great basis for overall musicality in students of all ages and learning it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. To book your first lesson simply get in touch by emailing me at

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